The Presuit Mediation Program (“PMP”)

Designed to assist parties in the resolution of disputes without lengthy and expensive litigation.

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Parties may participate in PMP on their own, or with assistance of their legal counsel. By addressing problems at an early stage, through mediation, parties enhance the likelihood of resolution without incurring the costs, aggravation, and wasted time inherent in lawsuits.

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PMP offers the consumer a full range of presuit mediation support.

The Presuit Mediation Program ("PMP") is a specially designed program to assist parties in the resolution of their disputes without the need for expensive and lengthy litigation. PMP empowers people to solve their own problems, without the formal demands of the court system.

The program utilizes the services of an experienced attorney, who is also a skilled mediator, to preside over the mediation conference and to facilitate the voluntary settlement of legal claims, business disputes, employment issues, and all types of conflicts.

Mediation support includes:

  • Obtaining an agreement to mediate among all of the parties.
  • Sending the parties a Confidential Mediation Information Report to allow them to furnish critical information about the dispute.
  • Circulating a Mediation Bill of Rights outlining the protections provided for all parties attending the mediation.
  • Scheduling of the mediation conference.
  • Conducting a professional mediation session to evaluate the conflict and explore possible solutions.
  • Providing follow up mediation services, if appropriate, after the initial session.
  • Documenting any final settlement mutually agreed upon by the parties.

Mediation Bill of Rights